Practical information

How to get to Barcelona
Five ways of getting here: boat, plane, bus, car and train. Choose yours.

Getting around the city
Metro, bus and everything else.

Integrated transport tickets
Do you know you can save money with the T-10? Find out more here.

Living costs
You think it’s expensive to live here? Find out some basic facts.

Health insurance
The European Health Insurance Card or private insurance? Some ideas on your compulsory health insurance.

Medical emergencies
You need a doctor? Call 112.

Student visa
How to make sure you’re legal if you’re a non-EU student.

We know it isn’t cheap, but this information might help.

Why you need it and how to apply. Are you a European citizen? Are you staying for six months or longer? The situation is different in each case.

Census register
Register as a citizen. It’s important!